Maintenance Solutions

Predictive Maintenance

Wireless Condition Monitoring

Wi-Care™, designed and built by I-Care™, is the ONLY wireless vibration monitoring system combining continuous high-resolution spectra with easy configuration and a long battery life.

The innovative system was built by vibration experts as a plug-and-play trend monitoring solution, but with the quality and accuracy of the best portable instruments on the market to allow unmatched prediction and protection.

Product range

Thanks to more than 12 years of industrial experience in condition monitoring, Wi-care™ has been created to monitor vibration spectra and temperature, accurately, safely and cost effectively in hard to reach locations and harsh environments. Wi-care™ provides an alternative solution to manual data collection or expensive and hard to install wired systems.

Wi-care™ offers the highest diagnosis capabilities and reduces non value-added costs of mounting, cabling and travel costs. Besides automatic data collection we offer 24/7 remote diagnosis services as a very flexible solution allowing you to receive maintenance recommendations through periodical or ‘on event’ data analysis.

NEW! Wireless Tri-Axial sensors!

Company info

Founded in Belgium in 2004, I-Care™ is now present in 12 countries from US to Italy and Australia and active worldwide. We are building long-term relationship with our customers, based on trust, mutual respect and result-oriented solutions.

I-care™ understood that knowing when a machine will fail was not enough for the modern industry. Avoiding the failures by doing the right preventive action at the right time is the foundation of any fast ROI maintenance strategy.


Wi-Care™ can pride itself on the following realizations:

  • Over 120 wireless sensores installed since 4 years in a chemical plant in Morocco
  • Big failure on large reciprocating equipment prevented due to automatic alerts generated by Wi-Care™
  • 3 complete cement plants in Belgium and Africa monitored remotely
  • Detecting sudden failure on oil pump occuring in 8 hours only
  • Prevention of USD 1M catastrophic failure on planetary gearbox due to structural cracks
  • Approved by Saudi Aramco


The Wi-Care sysem is the first wireless system certified for ATEX Zone 0


Your data is accessible anywhere and anytime on the webbased iSee portal


Up to 4 year battery life with hourly spectral data acquisitions


High-resolution spectrum of up to 16,000 lines to diagnose complicated equipment and faults


Automatic alarms to protect your assets

Plug and play

The system is very user-friendly and automatically organizes itself with minimal configuration