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The US manufacturer SUN Drilling™ is leading the upstream industry for almost 50 years offering a variety of downhole chemicals, services and technologies.

Product range

The SUN Drilling™ products are specifically designed to assist in challenges associated with;

  • Liquid and mechanical lubrication
  • Well bore stress-cage strengthening
  • Seepage or loss of fluid
  • Hole cleaning
  • Ultra-lightweight fracturing proppants
  • Gravel pack technology.

SUN has developed and is the leader in the technology that allows for the continuous application, use and recycling of Lubra Glide™, our patented copolymer drilling bead used worldwide since 50 years as a mechanical lubricant during drilling operations.

Company info

SUN Drilling, established 1969 in the USA manufactures specialty drilling fluid additives for the drilling and completions sector of the oil and gas industry.

We are a technology driven company that has actively served the needs of the exploration and production industry by providing enhanced performance solutions to solve specific downhole problems as an independent specialty products company.

  • High torque or drag while drilling
  • Low ROP due to lack of sufficient weight on bit
  • Reaching TD with Casing or Liner
  • Freeing Stuck Pipe or Stuck Casing
  • “Prop What You Frac!” Technology with FracBlack for maximizing conductivity
  • Wellbore instability from tectonically stressed shales


Sun Drilling™ can pride itself on the following realizations:

  • Sales presence and representation in the Middle East since early 1970's
  • Inventor of the Bead Recovery Technology
  • Approved Saudi Aramco supplier for over 40 years
  • Sole manufacturer of copolymer beads specifically for Drilling and Coiled Tubing operations
  • Coastal Spot – High success rate in freeing differentially stuck pipe when mixed and applied according to manufacturers recommendations
  • Over 15 successful Coastal Spot cases in Saudi Aramco over the past 4 years

Problem solving

Our only agenda is to solve your downhole problems quickly and efficiently


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Serving the Oil and Gas industry for almost 50 years


Maximize conductivity in frac production with FracBlack Ultra-Lightweight Proppant

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