Expert FRP maintenance services

Expert FRP maintenance services

Plasticon Composites offers a wide range of expert field services for corrosion resistant FRP and Dual Laminate systems, such as tanks, piping systems and process equipment.

Service range

Following our 60-year experience we have both the experience and skilled team to provide the most reliable and high-quality FRP maintenance and services, including:

  • Inspection of FRP/Dual Laminate storage tanks, piping systems and process equipment
  • Maintenance services, such as repairs or replacement of FRP/ Dual Laminate storage tanks, piping systems and process equipment
  • Spark-testing, hydro-testing and other common testing methods
  • Onsite fabrication, installation and assembly of FRP/Dual Laminate systems
  • Training and certification of thermoplastic welders and laminators

Outsource FRP inspection & maintenance to a reliable, qualified, experienced and certified partner!

Company introduction

Plasticon Composites is a global leader in manufacturing, assembly, installation and maintenance of anti-corrosion FRP and Dual Laminate tanks, pipes and process equipment. The company was founded in 1955 and offers all expertise and experience you need to guarantie reliable operations of FRP or Dual Laminate systems. The Plasticon group operates worldwide from over 15 locations with projects and contracts from France to US, China to UAE and South Africa to Brazil.


Plasticon Composites can pride itself on the following realizations:

  • 7 years maintenance contract for a caustic soda and ethylene dichloride plant in Jubail, Saudi Arabia
  • High-quality FRP systems delivered to Sadara, Shell, BASF, Solvay, Ineos, AkzoNobel,…
  • A large team of certified engineers, welders and laminators
  • ISO 9001:2000, DVS 2212 T1 and DVS 2220 certifications

Working with all major Thermoplastic and Fluoropolymer liners we are ideally positioned to advice and support you with the best material for even the most aggresive applications!


Most flexible service team with a very short response time

Material experts

We know the best material for even the most corrosive applications like chlorine and caustic soda


Highest quality services thanks to 60 years of global experience with challenging applications of any size

Full service

From engineering to installation, inspection, monitoring and maintenance

Corrosion resistance

FRP and Dual Laminate are corrosion resistant and have excellent properties to store or process aggressive chemical fluids or gasses


Plasticon Composites invented the renowned dual laminate technology