Tanajib Smart Industrial Solutions

Tanajib was established in Al-Khobar in the year 1990 by Mr. Mohammed Al-Naimi, as an oilfield service company offering upstream solutions. Soon after Tanajib launched the divisions Maintenance Solutions and Process Optimization to cater to the many downstream manufacturing companies in the region.
On 12 December 2022, Tanajib Holding was established as a closed joint stock company designed to undertake and focus on the following: –

  • Policy and Strategy
  • Management
  • Investment
  • Business Development

Tanajib offers help to leading companies in the GCC to improve their performance, safety, and efficiency through smart industrial and drilling solutions. All of this is made possible by the dedication of local engineers, our long-term partnerships, innovation and quality services.



JV with Howden

Exciting news in the industrial world! Our Joint Venture company Bin Butti Rotating Machinery (BBRM) have just joined forces in a major partnership (JV) with Howden. This collaboration aims to bring together the best of both companies to provide top-notch solutions for various industries. Chart Industries USA has completed the $4.4 Billion acquisition of air & […]

Tanajib Cleaning Center

Located at Makkah Street, Dammam 2nd Industrial City for the regeneration of used metallic filters to prolong their life expectancy and lower the operational cost. It accommodates the best of equipment for an excellent and cost-effective cleaning of the metal components with polymer, organic and non-organic contaminants. It also does the cleaning of spin packs […]

Pop-A-Plug HE Plugging

In their latest PCC-2-2018 guidelines, the ASME clearly lists the benefits and limitations of Mechanical Fit Tube Plugs for the repair of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers. With Pop-A-Plug, Tanajib offers the industry’s leading technology for mechanical tube plugging engineered to provide a permanent plugging solution for up to 7000 PsiG (483 BarG). Feel free to contact us for a […]

Lube oil filtration services

The year 2019 started off well for our Pall lube oil filtration services! We recently signed a 3-year service contract with 2 of the largest refineries in Saudi Arabia and are in final discussions for several more such contracts thereby enhancing performance and reliability of processing units and the rotating machinery. We offer Filtration and Separation technologies and services to […]

Bio-Circle parts washers

Traditional, oil-based cleaning solvents are often bad for the health of the employees and the environment. With our innovative and natural Bio-Circle cleaning chemicals we are offering an efficient, safe and green alternative. We are proud that also Saudi Aramco started installing our Bio-Circle parts washers countrywide which is another proof of the quality and potential […]

Best practice lube dispensing

Alu Ma’aden understands that lubrication excellence is the easiest and cheapest way to prevent machine wear and failures. Following a successful project in year 2016, they now trusted Lubretec and Tanajib to design, engineer and install 4 tailor-made lubrication dispensing systems. Alu Ma’aden has a clear maintenance strategy we are proud to contribute to with our best […]

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