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Turbo-Chem™ prides itself on the long-standing tradition of researching and developing innovative Wellbore Stability Products for the drilling industry.

Product range

Turbo-Chem™ offers a variety of wellbore stabilizing products such as:

  • True cellulose fiber blends: Premium Seal®
  • Resin-cellulose blends: SYN-Seal®
  • High compressive strength squeeze material: EZ Squeeze®
  • Pre-cement/pre-squeeze gelled swelling agent for massive fractures: SwelLCM®

Besides that, we also offer a range of drilling lubricants as well as an acid soluble lcm blend for production zones.

Company info

The primary objective of Turbo-Chem™ is to identify and address your unique needs with high quality, patented products.

Since the start in 1982, we are dedicated to reducing your drilling project costs by minimizing risks associated with differential sticking, lost circulation, torque and drag, drill-string balling , shale instability and formation damage.



Turbo-Chem™ can pride itself on the following accomplishments:

  • Our products have been cited in SPE/IACD papers, and outperformed competitors products, repeatedly in 3rd party lab testing
  • Over 95,000 bbls. of High Solids Squeeze pills pumped
  • We have been applying “stress caging” theory and “wellbore strengthening” since our inception in 1982, long before they became the industry’s buzzwords
  • Our products are often imitated, but never duplicated


We continue to lead through product innovation


Combined experience in drilling fluids of more than 190 years

Proven results

Global success stories with patented products

Less losses

Successfully lowering or eliminating seepage loss and lost circulation


Pre-planning and a decisive matrix as the best practice for reducing drilling fluid/mud losses


We provide highly experienced application engineers for applications around the world