Tanajib Industrial is a specialized manufacturing facility that provides Engineering, Fabrication and Manufacturing the highest quality of scrappers, Foam scrappers and all related scrapper accessories. Using the latest up to date machines coming from the best reputable machines manufacturers allows Tanajib to produce and cast its own Polyurethane in a sizable weight and quantity. Our factory’s capacity could produce up to 40kgs per minute of Solid Polyurethane in the shape of Discs and Cups is considered high while for foam scrappers then our ability is bigger as it goes to 120kgs per minute. This allows us to cast the biggest sizes in fast and considerable manner, sizes up to 100 inch and more could be manufactured locally in our warehouse.

Product range

TANAJIB Products range vary in between Mechanical and Foam Scrappers. We have the ability to manufacture to all the sizes from 2” to 100”. The products range vary in between: 

  • Mechanical Bi-Directional Scrapers with all related accessories like brushes, gauge plates etc.
  • Mechanical Uni-Directional Scrapers with all related accessories.
  • Bare and Loaded Foam Scrapers to all the required Densities Low, Medium and High.
  • All related accessories such as Magnets, Steel and Nylon Brushes and Aluminum Gauge Plates.

Company info

Tanajib Industrial Company was founded in 2022 with an ambitious dream to serve our country in line with the 2030 Vision sat by His Highness Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Tanajib is specialized in producing Scrappers, Foam Scrappers and all related accessories, those are used for pipelines cleaning and pre-commissioning activities. The back ground of Tanajib Industrial comes from its’s Mother Company Tanajib Holding. We raise the flag of “Quality Comes First”, our Directors, Employees and Affiliates are all committed to producing the highest quality products.


We are proud ourself on the following realizations:

  • 100% Saudi Made
  • Several Success Stories
  • Serving Globally
  • ISO Certified


Made in Saudi Arabia


Our goal is to provide best quality products at most favorable price


To be a leader in pipeline pig manufacturing


Committed to quality management system that will meet the needs and expectations of our customers


Product are made of excellent polyurethane raw materials, with high wear resistance and high tear strength


Several success stories