Maintenance Solutions

Steam traps & valve stations

Steam Trap Monitoring

BiTherm™ is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of intelligent steam traps, trap valve stations and leak detectors. Our unique integrated SmartWatchWeb™ monitoring system helps to detect leaks, prevent explosions and improve energy efficiency.

Apart from these technologies, we also offer a range of services including steam energy audits, maintenance contracts and turnkey energy efficiency projects.

Product range

With BiTherm we offer a wide range of expert services:

  • Steam traps surveys
  • Steam energy audits
  • Conventional and intensive maintenance on steam traps
  • Turnkey energy effciency projects

Complemented by our unique and high-quality products:

  • Design and manufacturing of conventional and intelligent steam traps
  • Steam and condensate manifolds
  • Trap valve stations
  • Steam traps and valves monitoring systems
  • Gas & steam leak detectors

Company info

BiTherm™ was founded in 1977 in Spain, focused on energy saving studies and audits as well as maintenance of steam and condensate networks in thermal power stations, crude refineries and the petrochemical industry.
The company has always made a strong bet and continuous efforts in R&D, resulting in several breakthrough international patents. This has made BiThermTM a pioneer in the development of cutting edge steam traps such as bi-thermostatic, intelligent, and monitoring systems for steam and condensate networks.
Registered trademarks are BiTherm, TrapHelp, LeakTector, SmartWatchWeb 


BiTherm™ can pride itself on the following realizations:

  • Over 20.000 steam traps monitored, which is more then anybody else
  • Proven reduction of stream consumption of 15-30%
  • Succesful projects with Saudi Aramco, Repsol, Cepsa, Petrononor…
  • Energy efficiency projects with ROI below 18 months
  • 3 gold medals won in the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva (2004, 2005, 2012)
  • 40 years of satisfied customers

Energy efficiency

Reduce steam consumption between 15% to 30%

Less maintennace

Durable products that require low maintenance


Integrated remote condition monitoring to reduce high back pressure and avoid water hammering

Lower costs

Increase production efficiency, with low maintenance costs


Allocate explosive gas leaks (internal or external) in real time to reduce your risks

Environmentally friendly

Reduce steam consumption and thereby lower CO2 emissions