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Preventive Maintenance

Lubrication Reliability™
Preventive Maintenance

Over 50% of machine failures are related to lubrication.
Our Lubrication Reliability™ range of tools, services and engineered systems is the key to world-class maintenance and asset reliability.

Lubretec invented the Lubrication Reliability™ concept to assists asset owners worldwide to increase machine reliability.
We provide the knowledge, the equipment and the services to implement a best-practice Lubrication ReliabilityTM strategy.

Product range

We provide a full range of consultancy, tools, services and engineered systems. These best practice solutions include:

  • LubAssess™: Full assessment of lubrication practices
  • Lubristation™: Tailor-made centralized lube rooms
  • Lustor™: Modular lubrication storage system
  • OilSafe™: Safe, closed lube transfer and dispensing equipment
  • Guardian™: Advanced desiccant breathers for (water) contamination control
  • 3-D BullsEye™: Easy and accurate oil inspection

Company info

Lubretec from Belgium invented the Lubrication Reliability™ concept, which assists asset owners worldwide to increase machine reliability. We provide the knowledge, the services and the equipment to implement this strategy whilst keeping your current process, objectives and budget in mind.


Lubretec can pride itself on the following realizations:

  • Improved average MTBF on crane diesel engines by a factor of 3
  • Contamination control in lube storage decreases IS4406 level by 4 steps
  • Cleanliness program reduces lube contamination to ISO4406 16/12/8
  • Improved OEE thanks to Lubrication Reliability™ strategy training
  • Compliance to ISO standards with an integrated lubricant identification program
  • Multiple tailor-made Lubristation™ built for Ma’aden (KSA)


Onsite lubrication reliability™ training and plant assessment


We want to be your long-term partner and help you reach your objectives

Closed circuits

Full contamination control through closed circuit processes


We provide all knowledge, tools and systems needed for a global best-practice lubrication procedure


We design, develop, manufacture and install integrated lubrication storage solutions


Global experience in the combination of lubrication, machine reliability, maintenance and asset management