Drilling Solutions


Casing Landing Optimization


The Longhorn Casing Tools provide a simple, proven solution for casing running challenges.

We increase your chance of removing all sorts of casing obstructions without the need to rotate the casing string.

Product range

By inducing rotation, our casing systems aid in fill and bridge issues, overcoming ledges, doglegs and washouts, and assist in reaming the hole while running surface, intermediate, and production casing.

The unique Longhorn Casing Tools, including the Smart Bit™, offer the following benefits:

  • Rotates independently without rotating the casing string
  • Removes fill and debris
  • Reams the well bore
  • Deflects off obstructions
  • Negotiates dog legs and bridges
  • Puts no torque on the casing string

Company info

Longhorn Casing Tools is a Canadian downhole tool company that specializes in solutions for casing, tubing and coil tubing. We have developed several patented tools for running casing that provide rotation at the end of the casing string without rotating the casing string.



Longhorn can pride itself on the following accomplishments:

  • The technology is well established in North America for many operators as an insurance policy against casing troubles
  • It was tested & approved in the GCC by Saudi Aramco, ZADCO and ADMA with outstanding success and very satisfied operators

Quality materials

Made from industrial grade aluminum alloy and bronze components, both of which lend to the strength and durability

Lower risks

Mitigate casing landing risks


Made for tough downhole conditions and to facilitate smooth clean drill-outs without causing damage to the PDC drill out bit


With all liner hangers and completion assemblies


On-Shelf item available in all casing types and threads

Lower downtime

Save costs by avoiding integrity issues and loss of production