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High-Pressure Parts Cleaning

The innovative EQUA™ power spray units were designed on request of the petrochemical industry for safer and more efficient washing systems.

Product range

The innovative concept of the EQUA™ Force power spray cabinets is based on manual high-pressure cleaning in a closed loop system with continous filtration. The machines are designed to be robust, fast, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. Our smart systems are always ready to operate and come with filtration and an automatic oil skimmer to maximize the efficiency.

The sustainable EQUA™ washers exist in several standard sizes, but can also be customized for your application. Our machines can be used for cleaning operations in maintenance shops or onsite during shutdowns.

Company info

EQUA™ Belgium engineers and builds manual high-pressure parts cleaning cabinets. Listening to the customer’s demand they developed a closed system machine that is fast, safe, robust and highly efficient.


EQUA™ can pride itself on the following realizations:

  • The concept was designed for and with BASF
  • Our machines are built for a lifetime
  • Manual system with 50bar pressure which is safe to use
  • Making the world a better place by reducing waste and usage of hazardous solvents
  • Most efficient cleaning system for the Petrochemical industry with a rapidly growing installed base at Total, BASF, Evonik, Borealis…


Quickest and best cleaning result thanks to 50bar pressure and visual control


Closed system with no direct contact between operator and contaminated parts, toxic fumes, solvents…


Built for a lifetime with 3mm plate thickness and very low maintenance

Lower costs

Long lifespan of cleaning chemical and low energy consumption


Machines can be moved by crane and put onsite which is ideal for turnarounds

Time saving

Hugh time saving thanks to highly efficient high-pressure cleaning cabinet