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Parts Cleaning

Biochemical Parts Cleaning

Most companies in the Middle East are still cleaning their parts with harmful and dangerous oil-based solvents. With Bio-Circle™ we offer a powerful, safe and green alternative.

Our cleaning systems work with innovative biochemical solvents that are effective, VOC-Free, non- toxic and non-flammable. As a solution provider we think with you to find the optimum cleaning solution for your application and objective!

Product range

Our Bio-Circle™ range exists of products for the following applications:

  • Parts cleaning systems
  • Biochemical degreasing solvents
  • Weld cleaning & anti-spatter
  • Corrosion removal & protection
  • Cooling & High performance Lubricants

Our green cleaning solvents are optimally suited for use in parts cleaning systems and the cleaning of pipes, heat exchangers, plastic injection moulding tools or spray guns. All product are developed with a paticular focus on substinability, work, environmental and health protection, without reducing the effecctivness.

Company info

Bio-Circle Surface Technology GMBH was established back in 1985 in Germany as a university spin-off. Thanks to its continuous focus on R&D, the company has become the global market leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of biochemical surface technologies for cleaning and welding applications. The Bio-Circle products are available in over 55 countries worldwide and help contribute to a better world.


Bio-Circle™ can itself pride on the following realizations:

  • ISO 14.001 certified
  • +25 people in R&D
  • Several products are NSF approved
  • Used by many of the largest OEMs
  • Approved by Saudi Aramco


Most biochemicals are water based and contain no or few hazardous substances.


Bio-Circle™ focuses on natural ingredients and VOC-free/-reduced products.


Our products contain no substances from the current EChA Candidate List of Substances (REACh).


We offer powerful solutions for each requirement

Long lifespan

Technology and recirculating systems allow long usage of our biochemicals.

Low waste

The long lifespan of our products results in much less waste and improved operation efficiency.